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“I had a great experience working with DevAlign as a contractor!
They do a great job matching skills with the right disciplines. I am
thrilled for what comes next.

—Software Developer, Costa Rica

What we do?

As a Recruiting and Staffing
Agency providing Contractor
Staffing, Employee Leasing, and Permanent Placement services, Dev Align solves a huge employer pain point: a dramatic shortage of good human talent.

How we do it?

We first seek to understand what phase your business is in, and then provide a staffing solution that allows you to be flexible as your company grows. This is critical for strategic planning and business operations.

Our specialties


  • Leadership
  • Support Positions
  • Enterprise
  • Full Stack
  • Mobile
  • QA Dev Shop


  • Hospital
  • Healthcare
  • Biotech
  • Pharma
  • CRO
  • Med Devise

Our reach

In-office personnel
Remote personnel
Same time zone
Remote personnel
Time zone difference


Whether you’re looking for permanent placement or temporary employment,

let’s work together.

Permanent Placement


For clients who are looking for longterm
permanent personnel. With
added recruiting resources, we can
save clients both time and money
finding high-l evel tal ent for perma –
nent placement at a Flat Fee.

Contractor Staffing


An excellent solution for companies
who need to expand quickly. Clients
may need people for sprint projects
to meet deadlines but don’t
have the budgets for long-term

Employee Leasing


Employee Leasing is a longer term
contractual arrangement in which
we act as a leasing company,
making us the official employer.

Whether you’re talent looking for work or
an employer seeking staffing solutions,

let’s chat about options today.